Flourish and Bloom provide the following services:



Garden maintenance is our passion as we love to help our clients manage and develop their gardens. With our knowledgeable and experienced service your garden will be maintained to high standards. Correct annual pruning, lawn care, maintenance of your beds and borders, topiary, hedge trimming and small tree work are just some of the things that we can tend to in your garden. Having us undertake regular maintenance will ensure your free time is spent enjoying your garden. 

Consultation & Coaching

Our consultation and coaching services allow us to spend time with you on a one to one basis to enable you to get the most out of your garden. Perhaps you are a keen gardener but are looking for some inspiration and advice to take your garden forward? Maybe you would like some coaching sessions to get you started on the basics of gardening? Or, you feel confident with most things but need more specific advice on pruning? We can provide a bespoke service to match your requirements.